• PW is still available.
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    Private Adoption
    Date Listed:
    February 10, 2023
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    Looking for the perfect home for PW. He is an amazing dog with a wild heart. He keeps getting himself in trouble- despite my best efforts. He’s a 6-year-old shepherd malamute lab that needs a TON of exercise, connection and love.
    This guy can run 40-50km a day behind the truck, beside a bike, hike all day, camp for weeks at a time and still keep going. He would be so happy in a place with other friendly dogs as he loves to play all day. He is a gentle giant with puppies. He’s super social, loves people, kids, babies and other dogs. Wouldn’t do well in a home with cats. Cool with horses and can keep up with them too! He’s currently on 3 acres and it’s not enough- he keeps digging under the fence to get out and roam. The roaming has caused issues in my neighbourhood and now he’s confined to a tied-down dog run that is affecting his quality of life.
    If you have plenty of room to roam, other amazing dogs he can play with, lots of time, love, affection and can provide lots of exercise, engagement and adventures- PW might be the guy for you.
    This has been an extremely hard decision to make and I would only let him go to a perfectly ideal situation. His life depends on it at this point. Please reach out if you have any questions about PW or his current situation.