• Stella – Young Maremma needing new farm is still available.
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    Private Adoption
    Date Listed:
    July 6, 2024
    Purebred maremma
    Contact Name:
    Jane Smeltzer
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    Looking for a new farm or rural home for a lovely young Maremma. She was born on my farm and has always been around sheep and horses. She is being rehomed because I made the mistake of keeping siblings from the same litter (and I knew better!).

    She is a purebred, born Oct 2021, has a lovely and stable disposition, no issues with people or food aggression, a coat that sheds out perfectly, and is spayed.

    The issue I’m having is her and her littermate are way to bonded – they are all play, no work, don’t listen when they are together, and are not attentive to my stock. When separated they behave well and listen but their #1 priory is to get back to each other (i.e. find weak spots in fences, bolt as soon as a gate is open). I have an older male that I can’t put in with them anymore as my younger male has become hard on him. And my younger male seems to be becoming more and more timid as he ages; his confidence seems very reliant on being with his sister. Being on a small farm¬† I cant seem to find enough separation to make the situation functional, and for both of them to settle into their mature adult roles I need to break them up.

    An ideal home for stella is rural one, preferably with livestock. She would make a fine general farm dog as she really loves people and children (mine are going to be very sad about this decision!), or a good guardian if pared up with an older dog. She is not a poultry guard. She is absolutely not a dog suited to live in town, and is not a house dog.

    If you think she might be the right fit for your farm and family please reach out.