• Tatum is still available.
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    June 29, 2024
    young adult – approx 1-2 years best guess
    dsh calico
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    ** Applications are required prior to meeting our foster pets because they are being fostered in private family homes.  Applications are on the main page of the website, under “adopt”.

    Meet Tatum aka Taters aka Little Miss Tate.

    This beautiful young girl had a very hard life prior to coming to KAAP.  She was emaciated and pregnant and sadly she gave birth far too prematurely and her kittens did not survive.  She has rallied so hard to get to where she is today, and we want only the best home ever for her.

    This tiny girl has so much love in her heart. And for the most part so far, it’s been mostly reserved for other four legged creatures like herself. She has yet to meet a dog or cat that she has not fallen immediately in love with at first sight. She would make a fantastically loving companion for other dogs and cats in a household. She will play with, eat with, cuddle with and sleep with all the pets in your house, if they let her. It took her quite awhile to show that kind of love and trust with people. She does not have a mean or defensive bone in her body. In the months that she has been in foster, she has not once growled, hissed or showed any signs of aggression to anyone or anything. She just hadn’t been around humans too much before she came into foster, so she was just indifferent to human interaction. But ever since her spay, she’s become way more friendly and approachable, coming to us for scratches and even kisses. It will take time for her to warm to the people in your home as she will definitely bond with the pets first, but be patient because she will. And when she does, it’s a beautiful thing and very rewarding for both you and her. She’s a small girl, people who visit think she’s still a kitten and that just adds to her charm. She will be a wonderful addition to a house filled with love!

    Tatum’s vet has recommended that she remain on cat kibble that is specifically for oral/dental health because of her rough start in life she does need those teeth to be looked after.

    Tatum has been vet checked, vaccinated, spayed and microchipped.  Now all she needs is a very loving human(s) to allow her to thrive and have the best life she deserves.