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    August 31, 2023
    born approx April 20 2023
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    These lovely boys were born outside to a feral mom and brought into KAAP foster for socialization.  They aren’t used to small kids or loud homes so they would do best in quieter, calmer homes.  Due to the fact they are still a little nervous, they should be kept indoors for a great long time until they are grown and more confident.  They are coming along leaps and bounds in their love and trust of humans every day.  Misty is shyer than Bo and he really needs to be adopted with him so they both can have their best life.

    These kittens have all had their vet check, first vaccines and booster shots, have been dewormed, and are neutered and microchipped.

    # 2636 – Misty is a very sweet baby. While he is still a bit shy and very cautious with loud noises and sudden movements, he is coming along very quickly. He is starting to approach us and when he gets lots of pets and affection, he purrs up a storm. He’s also starting to relax when being held but will need someone to help him along with patience and love.  Just recently he’s been open to some lap time with foster mom and he’s getting more at ease every day!  Honestly, he’d much rather be running laps around the house with his brothers anyways. His favorite toy is a ribbon on a stick or a sparkly puff ball.   Foster mom feels strongly that he should be adopted with Bo, or he may regress in his confidence and outgoing progress.

    # 2633 – Nimbostratus (Bo) is the little scamp of the bunch. He is energetic and loves to play more than anything… including having his dinner. He has taken to finding quiet time on a lap and will give you a lot of purrs. And when it’s nap or bedtime will be cuddled up with one of his brothers. He is still a bit shy with sudden or loud movements and being picked up but it’s more about the game of chase these days. He would do okay on his own, if the family has another friendly cat or even a cat-friendly dog.