• Ziva is still available.
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    August 23, 2023
    approx 1 year old
    dsh black/silver tabby
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    ** Does NOT like other cats or kittens.  Will tolerate a mellow dog but no cats please **

    Ziva is a gorgeous black and silver tabby, about 1 year old.  She has the cutest little pointy face.  She’s a petite girl, only about 6 pounds right now and is starting to gain a little weight ( she was far too thin when she came to us).   She’s very, very affectionate and wants to be part of everything in your life!  She loves sitting on the bathroom counter watching you brush your teeth, or hopping in the bathtub to see what fun that might be,  or sitting on the windowsill watching the birds.   If she wants some love, she will stand on her hind legs and wrap her paws around you – it’s just so sweet! She just craves attention and love.  She would love to be able to sleep with her person at night, she makes the cutest bisquits on her blanket just before she goes to sleep.   She’s not a huge fan of being carried around.   She does give little love bites when she’s in a really loving mood but it certainly isn’t aggression or meant to be, she just gets carried away when she’s in full on “love mode”.    She can be a chatty girl, letting you know that she’s happy or thinks you should pay attention to her.  She loves sleeping in a big comfy cat bed up off the ground and she has the cutest sleeping postions.  She has these big kangaroo feet like she’s still growing into them it’s quite comical.

    This girl is a real little gem of a cat!

    Ziva has been vet checked, vaccinated, spayed and microchipped.  Her adoption fee is $150.