why kaap needs you.

Why KAAP needs your help!

Help us save lives! We urgently need foster homes right now. Call 250-551-1053 for information.

KAAP was founded to meet the needs of homeless and disadvantaged pets who might otherwise fall between the cracks in existing services. We are 100% volunteer, and are no-kill.

We use community foster homes to care for our pets waiting for adoption. This gives the cats and dogs the best care and helps them to adjust to their new families more quickly and with less stress. You are invited to call us and arrange to visit with any of our adoptable pets in their foster homes.

KAAP also offers spay/neuter help for low income families and seniors, compassionate care programs for pets of owners who are experiencing temporary problems and are unable to care for their pets, the barn cat program, and more.

We are a small group of volunteers who are always looking for others to help: fostering, driving, public relations, fundraising, supporting in any way.

Call Daryl at 250-551-1053 or email visit our help page for more information on how you can help us or how we can help you and your pet.