• Chanel is in Long Term KAAP Care
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    Long Term KAAP Foster Care
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    November 29, 2015
    Adult Cat
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    Please meet CHANEL.

    Chanel came into KAAP care at the age of 6 months. She was advertised on Facebook as being blind, and was being given away for free to anyone who would take her. Knowing the dangers to pets who are given away for free online, KAAP took her in and had the vet check her over very well.

    It turned out that she is not blind at all, but she has some significant neurological issues which make her wobbly and uncoordinated. She also has hydrocephalus (water on her brain) which makes her head bigger than it should be and gives her this unique look.

    Chanel is a happy, playful little cat when she is in a safe environment. She has no pain or discomfort. She will be cared for by KAAP for her entire life, to deal with her ongoing medical needs.Want to help cats like Chanel? Please join the KAAP Rescue Team by donating $5 per month to a fund that will pay for Chanel’s veterinary care. Or call KAAP at 250-551-1053, or email contact@kaap.ca.

    Please help KAAP care for Chanel and support the work we do by making a donation through canadahelps.org. Donations can be made with any major credit card, interac or via paypal. You will receive a charitable receipt via email. Thank you for your support.

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