• Flo is still available.
    Adoption Category:
    Private Adoption
    Date Listed:
    November 4, 2023
    1.5 years
    Wirehaired pointing griffon / springer spaniel
    Contact Name:
    Marlisa Crosland
    Contact Email:
    Contact Number:
    250 505 2981

    Energetic, athletic, protective, and intelligent. Flo has lots of great qualities but he is also a very uncertain and nervous dog which can make him react in unpredictable or seemingly aggressive ways. If he is comfortable and feeling confident he is an awesome dog.

    Flo is good with other dogs he knows and most older dogs. He can be unpredictable with young dogs he doesn’t know. We don’t take him off leash around other dogs because of his unpredictability. He does go with an off leash dog walking group that has up to 20 dogs at a time and he does well with them. He is good with kids and has been in a family with three kids. He is still a ¬†puppy so he can get over excited when kids are wrestling or running around. He is very protective of the house and property and does not like strangers entering the house. He is not good with cats and he has a high prey drive. He is use to a family lifestyle and has been crate trained but doesn’t spend more than 3 hours at time in the crate and he isn’t left home alone for much. He knows all his basics commands, is food driven and has good recall.