• K kittens is still available.
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    November 19, 2023
    born approx mid May (best guess)
    Female and Male
    dmh and dsh tabbies
    Pass Creek/Castlegar
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    Application forms are on the main page of the website, under “adopt”.  We ask for applications prior to meeting kittens because they are being fostered in our private family homes.

    These 4 sweet kittens are from a large rescue we’ve undertaken of over 60 cats and kittens born outside. They were living in a pile of logs. They are about 6 months old.   They are shy and don’t “show” well to strangers, so they won’t come running to greet potential adopters, but they are coming along and really need loving, patient, kind people to give them a chance where they can continue to blossom into the great cats they have the potential to be.  Small kids wouldn’t be great for them as they are still somewhat nervous.  They live with 2 dogs in their foster home and would be fine in a home with a dog-friendly cat.

    We feel they would do best in pairs just because of how they survived together until their rescue.  If this proves to be difficult, we would consider a home with other friendly cats to help them feel at ease. We just need to do what is right for them and having a sibling to acclimate in a new home would do them justice.

    #2653 KASH- Kash is a beautiful tabby boy with big white feet.  He’s shy and will take some time to get to know his new people. He’s always right under foot whatever his foster mom is doing, especially if she’s in the kitchen and might drop something tasty! He would do best with his sister Kaiser or his brother Kiran.

    #2654 KAISER- AKA Kaiser Bun, Kai-Kai – this girl has all the potential to be a lap cat.  She’s jumpy like her siblings, but will purr up a storm if she’s comfortable and feels safe.  She’s  very curious about things and will often sit on the window sill in the kitchen to see what foster mom is cooking up. She has the most gorgeous marble swirls in her fur.

    #2655 KYLIE – Kylie is the shyest of the siblings and needs time to trust anyone new in her life.  She has the most beautiful little face and big gold eyes that still harbour a bit of nervousness and uncertainty with people.  She loves to rip around chasing her siblings, and she is always by the wood stove soaking up the heat.  She will need time and someone with a big, kind heart that wants to bring out her potential

    # 2656 KIRAN- Kiran is the biggest and bravest of the siblings.  Shy until he knows you, but he has the greatest big purr when he gets his motor going and he loves his chin scratched.   If he could get adopted with his shy sister Kylie that would be amazing. She tends to follow him around more and hides less if he’s right there guiding her.

    These kittens are all fully vaccinated, dewormed, spayed/neutered, and microchipped.  They are good to go until next year when they need booster shots!

    For the right home, we would consider 2 for 1 adoption fees, just because we care so much about these kittens’ futures and their happiness.  We’re seeing a lot of the kittens from this property doing SO well in forever homes, that we’re anxiously hoping to find the same for these deserving kittens.   If you have a big and loving heart and would give these wee dolls the time and space and love to be members of your family, please apply!