• Little Domino is still available.
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    Private Adoption
    Date Listed:
    January 18, 2024
    Pitty Dalmatian
    Christina Lake / Grand Forks
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    ** Courtesy listing, NOT A KAAP dog, please enquire directly with the owner if interested**

    Hello My name is Domino 👋

    I am a pitty Dalmatian cross that is two years of age

    I am about 45 ish pounds and am as you can see black and white.

    my mom says I am the goodest of boys I’m just very misunderstood. See I don’t get along with other male dogs at all and I want to be the only one. I’ve gotten into to many quarrels with my younger brother and my cousin because I think I am the top dog. I do well with my lorge big sister Ellie so I may or may not do well with another much older submissive female.
    I would do best in a home that understands before my mom saved me I came from a bad home and loud noises scare me and that I don’t like kids as they freak me out.
    I would do best being in a home that understands I am a talker when I’m excited and I have stories to tell you all the time I just want you to listen.
    I am shy but if you take the time to show me you won’t hurt me I won’t bark at you or be skiddish.
    I don’t like people in my face unless I trust you but once I do all I want to do is give you cuddles and sleep with you under the covers. I would be an awesome jogging partner as all I want to do is run and explore. My leash manners aren’t horrible and I’m learning to come when called but my doggy adhd makes it hard for me to pay attention my wonderful vet thinks it’s because unfortunately my pitty dad got ahold of me when I wanted to play and did a number on my little head so I sometimes look like I’m out to lunch. Again mom says I’m one of a kind in the bestest ways.
    I do have my quirks … who doesn’t  🤷🏻‍♀️

    I don’t like :

    other animals ,kids ,loud noises , when someone moves to fast as I think they are gonna hurt me.
    people coming to close to the car “ fantastic car alarm”, The smell of cigarettes makes me uneasy sometimes until I know you are ok.

    I do like :

    running , playing with my people, snuggles when I feel comfortable with you , walks or hikes. Hugs and being told I’m the bestest boy.

    My mom will be very picky with my placement as she wants me to thrive and be a happy boy for the rest of my days. Mom would really like it if she can get updates on how I am doing as she still loves me but she has to do what’s best for all of us even tho it breaks her heart. But maybe mom won’t be so broken if my new home loves me as much as she does.
    I think I would do best with an older patient couple who understands I talk a lot but I can learn to shush with time I just get so excited with my fave things and or people. I’m a work in progress I just need the best support system who understands special needs pups like myself.
    If you would like to know more about me please msg my mom with questions cause like she said she will be picky with who I go home to because she loves me.