• The special H kitties is still available.
    Adoption Category:
    KAAP ID#:
    2712, 2713, 2715, 2722 and 2723
    Date Listed:
    February 12, 2024
    range from 6-8 months approx at time of listing
    Female and Male
    dsh siamese X, dilute tortie (Hazel) and black/white (Hank)
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    Applications are required prior to meeting cats in foster because they are in our private homes.  Forms are found under “adopt”. We may consider a reduced adoption fee for those who can be adopted together.

    **These cats need to be kept indoors either permanently, or for at least probably a year until they are confident, settled, and there’s no risk of them getting spooked and disappearing.  Nervous cats do not fare well if let outside too soon **

    They are all around 6-8 months of age (best guess by veterinarians at the time of their exams).

    These 5 beautiful kitties were rescued from a property after their owner had died months earlier.  There were many cats on the property with no proper socialization, so once again our amazing fosters are stepping up and working hard to ensure these deserving kitties can be placed in loving homes.  They are gorgeous, and they are shy.  They will need time, patience, and love to come around on their own terms. They probably aren’t suited to really young kids and they have never met any dogs so would likely be afraid and it wouldn’t be worth risking having them scared after all they’ve been through.    Ideally if they can have their own space (like an office or spare bedroom)  while they acclimate to new people and surroundings and can venture out on their time,  we find they do just fine.  They are doing well with their foster parents, they love to play and chase toys and jump at the wand toys  and then cuddle together in a sunny spot for a snooze.  They do enjoy being pet once they trust you, they come for affection from their foster mom, it just takes some trust building.

    Holly and Hailey are most shy, and would not do well as only cats in the home.  Ideally they would love to be adopted together


    Hank # 2712  male

    Hailey # 2713

    Harry # 2715  male

    Hazel # 2722 female

    Holly # 2723  female

    The kittens have all been vet checked, had their first vaccines as well as their boosters, and are spayed/neutered, and microchipped.  All they need now is really wonderful people to give them the life they deserve!